Company History

RoviSys was founded in 1989 in Cleveland, Ohio by John Robertson. With a successful career at Bailey Controls under his belt, John founded RoviSys as control systems were evolving from proprietary to open technology. He assembled a group of engineers and set to work. With one year in the books, RoviSys had a staff of twelve and a small foothold in the systems integration world. The open technology philosophy was nurtured with a constant focus on clients, diversity in industry segments and steady growth.

During years three and four, changes continued. Young, enthusiastic engineers joined RoviSys and college recruiting and co-op programs were created. Employee activities were driven by committee and became a mainstay of company culture. The open technology philosophy was thriving, staff was growing and company structure was evolving. Twenty-five engineers and support staff called themselves RoviSys, and sales and revenue were increasing.

For the next 10 years (1993-2003), RoviSys enjoyed steady growth, and became established as a leader in automation and information solutions. As an independent provider, opportunities to work with best in class systems vendors and addition of platforms drove the company forward. Responsibility for profitability and growth within specific verticals expanded to Directors, while John Robertson continued to support sales efforts and word-of-mouth marketing.

Growth accelerated in year fourteen, and by 2005, RoviSys had grown to 140 employees. Specific industry targets were established and the first RoviSys satellite office opened in Raleigh, N.C., followed shortly by a second office in Singapore. RoviSys had matured from a small regional company to a globally competitive organization.

Today, RoviSys is a group of companies with over 600 employees in 6 locations, including two dedicated buildings near Cleveland, Ohio, Boston, Houston, Raleigh and Southeast Asia. Founder John Robertson has assumed position of CEO, while co-presidents guide daily operations and strategy for the future. With 26 years of consistent history and financial independence, RoviSys will continue to build strong relationships with clients, community, vendors, and employees.