Facility Analytics

Making efficient use of energy is critical to your bottom line. RoviSys Building Technologies works with property managers, building owners and technical staff to convert and display collected data into actionable intelligence, allowing you to identify cost-saving opportunities and mechanical system inefficiencies while reducing operating costs and prioritizing repairs and updates.

Our experience and knowledge in design, installation, integration and ongoing optimization of multiple facility and management systems will help you maximize energy savings and improve productivity. Whether you have a single building or are a multi-site organization, partnering with RoviSys Building Technologies provides proven solutions that create a comfortable, efficient environment in your facility.

Fault Detection Diagnositcs

  • Continuous commissioning of mechanical equipment
    • Find equipment inefficiencies
    • Find broken equipment
    • Find equipment that's running unnecessarily
    • Optimize overall equipment operation
  • Interface with work order systems to deploy maintenance staff and correct problems

Monitoring and Management of Energy

  • Align electrical feeds with equipment
  • Use gathered information to generate utility usage metrics
  • Set goals & targets
  • Build a plan to decrease utility usage

Fault Detection Used to Decrease Energy Usage