RoviSys Building Technologies helps our industrial customers apply the ISA S95 model to facility control systems and reduce uncertainty around existing proprietary building automation technologies. The ISA S95 model is the international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems. This model is commonly used in the industrial market as a guide for defining user requirements for control and enterprise management systems.

Our experts can apply this known industry standard to all control systems within your facility. Hover over each level in our diagram below and better understand how ISA S95 standardization will benefit your business.

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RBT can connect your facility systems to the Cloud either for system backup or linking of multiple sites. Contact us for more information.

Level 4

Industrial customers can increase the value of their ERP systems by correlating energy data to production. This helps manufacturers more effectively manage energy usage by tying energy costs to units produced and differentiating between fixed overhead energy costs and variable costs. Through this process, RBT can help manufacturers manage energy similar to other critical production factors, such as inventory and work in process.

Level 3

RBT offers services that provide plant engineers with the ability to reduce energy consumption. These services include audits of energy-consuming subsystems in facilities to determine communication and submetering capabilities. If necessary, RBT can install a new front-end system that pulls information from the subsystems and analyzes all energy consumption. RBT also offers software packages that include overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) algorithm tools. Using these processes, plants can manage variable-rate periods and deliver bottom-line energy savings to the company.

Level 2

RBT provides independent controls that empower industrial customers to break their dependency on proprietary vendors. Systems can be a blend of commercial-grade and industrial-grade technologies to fit different parts of a facility.

Level 1

RBT provides industrial-grade instrumentation and knowledge because a customer’s production can’t depend on hardware designed for a hotel. Offerings include rugged, industry-proven sensors, such as Rosemount transmitters instead of lower-end traditional sensors with higher failure rates, ultimately reducing maintenance needs.