Mission Critical

Mission critical means that something is at the core of your business, and that it’s necessary in order to make a profit. In building automation, examples of mission critical systems include:

  • Humidity control in automotive paint booths
  • N+1 designed central utilities buildings
  • Clean room differential pressure control
  • Air distribution control in GMP spaces
  • Temperature control in data center server halls

RoviSys Building Technologies partners with businesses that need reliable, flexible, scalable solutions and uninterrupted control, plus constant access to mission critical facility data. We understand that optimized capacity and dependable technology are critical components to your success. From pharma and biotech to data centers, RBT helps clients in mission critical markets to address challenges, contain costs, and reduce the environmental impact of their energy-intensive facilities.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that offer stable and repeatable performance, and are built to meet lifetime mission critical requirements including performance, total cost of ownership, and potential business impact.

RoviSys Building Technologies believes in deploying systems for their designed application. Many of our competitors try and use a single system to control various types of equipment throughout a single facility. We deploy hybrid PLC/DDC control systems for customers, using industry-proven PLC control for mission-critical segments and more economical DDC control for non-critical segments.