Building Technology Solutions

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Scada HMI

  • Iconics
  • GE Proficy - iFix
  • GE Cimplicity
  • FT View
  • Win CC
  • Niagra
  • Andover Continuum


  • Field Server
  • S4
  • ProSoft

Third Party OEM

RBT specializes in integrating 3rd party OEM systems seamlessly into the overall BAS. Contact us for specifics.

Critical BMS

  • Rockwell Solutions
  • Siemens S7/PCS7

Non-Critical BMS

  • Distech
  • KMC
  • CAN2GO
  • Schneider
  • Honeywell
  • Tridium/Vykon
  • Johnson Controls
  • Andover
  • Continuum

Field Instrumentation

RoviSys can spec both traditional BMS or industrial style sensors and instrumentation for your facility. Which is the best fit for your application?

Selecting the appropriate building automation technology requires careful consideration of several factors. RoviSys Building Technologies (RBT) guides customers to efficient solutions that are precisely suited to their needs. Use the interactive puzzle on this page to begin selecting a control system for your facility infrastructure.

The first and most important decision is whether a human comfort system is sufficient for your application.

In most commercial applications these human comfort systems are standard. RBT offers a number of these. Mouse over Non-Critical BMS (building management systems) in the puzzle to see RBT’s standard human-comfort options.

But managers of industrial environments can’t entrust their multimillion-dollar operations to systems built for human comfort in commercial or retail facilities. These asset-heavy operations need rugged industrial-grade control systems. RBT was founded by experienced engineers from the industrial marketplace, and our expertise helps customers with these types of applications build a robust BMS more appropriate for hardened industrial environments. To view a list of systems that RBT commonly deploys, mouse over the Critical BMS (building management systems) puzzle piece.

Once the critical/non-critical question is addressed, assembling the rest of the puzzle to your custom solution begins. RBT has experience with multiple human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, multiple scheduling and analytics software packages and experience connecting facility systems to business/ERP systems and the cloud.

Other factors to consider when selecting the proper systems to solve your puzzle:

  • 21 CFR part II compliance
  • Energy consciousness
  • Upfront system cost
  • Lifetime system cost
  • ROI/payback for new systems
  • Uptime requirements
  • Openness of system configuration tools
  • Openness of communication protocols
  • Required interfaces to older systems
  • Need for wireless solutions
  • Connectability to business systems
  • Available incentive & funding programs
  • LEED certification
  • Your staff – willingness to embrace new technology & ability to maintain system