RoviSys Activities Committee

RAC (RoviSys Activity Committee) was founded in 1995, to involve employees in planning and organizing fun events for employees and families. RAC commissioners are employees elected by their peers to fill rotating terms. Funded by RoviSys, supported by management and other employees, the RAC commission ensures that traditions are maintained while fresh ideas are added each year. Some of our RAC events are held off the company premises and after normal business hours; lunches are also popular; competition often breaks out and results in fine prizes awarded by our President. Spouses and family are included in many events. Check out our Facebook page for pictures from our events

Check out our RAC Schedule of Events.

2017 Activities Committee
Mar-20 Yacht Party
Apr-17 Archery/Speed Tag
Jul-24 Forest Adventure
Aug-01 Kayaking / Dragon Boating
Oct-16 Laser Tag
Dec-18 Christmas Dinner Party