Energize data center monitoring and management with RoviSys engineered OSIsoft PI® System solutions

OSIsoft’s PI System is the most advanced and effective platform for data center monitoring and management solutions. PI System enables real-time data analysis, reporting and decision capabilities for energy and asset use—as well as for any other measurable factor you believe effects your data center performance, reliability and efficiency.

PI System solutions—as we build them—are scalable, flexible, integratable, extensible and replicable. They allow you to monitor and manage individual data centers as well as bring together all your data center locations into one user-friendly dashboard.

A proven PI System developer

We've been building real-time data solutions based on the PI System for nearly two decades.

Solutions include monitoring weather stations, chillers, computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems, power distribution units (PDU), branch circuit monitors (BCM), primary distribution, cooling towers, IT assets including servers and networking hardware and more.

Advance beyond standard monitoring

With a RoviSys-engineered PI System data center monitoring solution, you get true real-time control and advanced capabilities; capabilities which enable you to transform your data operations from a cost center into an efficiency and competitive advantage.

And when we engineer a solution, usability is always a key design goal.

You'll have the tools necessary to analyze the millions of pieces of information flowing from the modern data center. You'll realize cost savings by significantly reducing energy consumption while increasing computing performance, security and reliability.

Data center installations are expected to double every five years. With good data in hand, you can recommend capacity additions and new centers with confidence as your needs grow.

Available capabilities from RoviSys engineered solutions

RoviSys engineered data center solutions enable your facilities to be monitored real-time for power quality and usage, environmental control and IT asset performance. Notifications alert personnel to potential issues well before problems arise.

While the system pays for itself in a short time on energy savings alone, the added benefits of knowing how IT capacity is used at each moment leads to additional performance improvements and significant cost avoidance.

Your spec, your solution, your flexible future

We configure solutions to client specifications. Your system will serve your current needs. And as we build data center applications with PI System and other standard applications, it can grow and adapt with you.

  • Energy and HVAC monitoring and management
  • System availability
  • Avoiding over- and under-load to improve user satisfaction

So you can decrease your carbon footprint while you increase your business impact.

OSIsoft integration, OEM and consulting partner

RoviSys is an OSIsoft system integration, consulting and OEM development partner. With more than 600 engineers and developers in Singapore, North Carolina and Ohio, we are OSIsoft’s largest independent integration partner.

RoviSys data center monitoring solution services

  • System and objectives analysis
  • Solution recommendations
  • Functional specifications
  • Engineering and implementation
  • Report configuration
  • PI System and solution support

Electrical Power Management Systems

RoviSys EPMS is a flexible and standards based electrical power management system that gives you advanced capabilities. RoviSys EPMS details.

  • Asset management
  • Alerts
  • Monitor and manage single or multiple centers
  • Other capabilities according to your specification