Batch House Services

RoviSys designs, implements and installs process control systems for glass manufacturers. A successful glass process starts with a quality batch mix. Our batch house controls ensure superior glass manufacturing.

Unique Challenges

Controlling the Batch House is easy when the process equipment runs flawlessly. However, because batch house operation involves mechanical equipment, occasional jams and failures are unavoidable. RoviSys systems handle these challenges and provide operators with the ability to pause, restart, and manually intervene. Protect personnel and equipment, and make corrections to save a batch with a best practices solution from us.

A Total Solution

RoviSys control systems provide total batch house controls and information solutions from the plant floor to the business system. Basic process control, recipes and reporting have been built in to our systems for over 20 years.

Raw Materials

RoviSys control systems provide seamless integration between the batch house and the furnace. From silos to SuperSaks, our controls monitor and manage inventory and provide accurate, reliable delivery to your scales.

Cullet Crushing

Cullet is a critical ingredient in mixed batch. Rovisys controls provide and deliver clean, precise crushed cullet to the scale.

Weighing and Mixing

WM is the most critical operation in the batch house. RoviSys controls precisely and accurately weigh materials on Major, Minor, and Micro scales. We can even track hand weighments with bar code technology. Accurate and automatic pre-act adjustments insure proper batch composition.

Dust Collection

RoviSys control systems control and monitor dust collection equipment to provide a clean batch house environment. Improve material usage by returning the fines to your batch.

Recipes/Data Management

RoviSys provides an easy to use, easy to modify recipe system so the batch management team can operate the batch house efficiently. We provide accurate and reliable batch reports for material and quality tracking.