Consumer / Specialty Glass Services

RoviSys designs, implements and installs process control systems for specialty and consumer glass manufacturers. From flat ware to crystal to optical glass our unique solutions meet client manufacturing and business needs.

Unique Challenges

Process automation for consumer and specialty glass manufacturing always presents unique challenges. Furnace size and design vary, batch composition is unique and the ware has unique shapes and properties. RoviSys is well positioned to respond to and provide solutions to all of these challenges. Over 20 years’ experience in the glass manufacturing industry make us uniquely qualified to handle your project. We implement best practices from all manufacturing sectors to provide an efficient, reliable solution.

A Total Solution

A RoviSys control system provides a total consumer ware or specialty glass manufacturing solution from the plant floor to the business system. Whether your solution requires basic process control or advanced strategies, backup systems, energy management or MES, rest assured that our solutions deliver.


Managing raw materials and delivering mixed batch to the furnace consistently and confidently is critical to container glass production. RoviSys control systems provide seamless integration between the furnace and batch delivery insuring precise batch/cullet composition and profiles every time. Read more about our Batch House services.


RoviSys provides control systems for regenerative and gas/oxy fired and electric furnaces. We participate in upfront energy audits and provide real time control system feedback to provide the most efficient use of energy. Using advanced control strategies, RoviSys incorporates critical variables to provide for optimum control. Our furnace temperature and energy control strategies provide operations with the tools to control the process during day to day operation. Our systems are reliable, maintainable, and upgradable to provide unparalleled reliability for your campaign.


Our controls have been applied to gas and electric forehearths. We condition your glass to the requirements of your process. Typical controls include automatic heating and cooling control, set up tables, and temperature efficiency. We rely on our overall expertise and include your process needs to provide the best system for your facility.

Ware Tracking

Consumer/Specialty glass flows from a continuous process into a piece or ware process. Our systems track the ware as it cools and goes to packaging. Tracking and quality control reduce waste, save energy and improve yield.