Display (LCD/LED) Glass Services

RoviSys is an industry leader in automation for LCD glass manufacturing. Our experience is unparalleled and products with glass made by our systems are used every day. Your LCD TV, LCD monitor, smart phone, laptop and tablet likely have glass from a RoviSys system.

A Total Solution

As an independent process control solutions provider, RoviSys provides basic process control, advanced strategies, backup systems, energy management, and MES solutions. We have delivered over 20 years of LCD glass manufacturing solutions from the plant floor to the business system.


Managing raw materials and delivering mixed batch to the furnace consistently and confidently is critical to display glass production. RoviSys provides seamless integration between the furnace and batch delivery insuring precise batch/cullet composition and profiles every time. Read more about our Batch House services.


RoviSys provides LCD melter control systems for gas/oxy fired and electrically heated furnaces. We have designed and implemented a control system that has been deployed worldwide to produce over 75% of the LCD glass in existence today. Using advanced control strategies, RoviSys incorporates critical variables to provide optimum control and process visibility. Most importantly, we design the control system to meet client needs. Our furnace temperature and energy control strategies provide operations with the tools to control the process during day to day operation. Our systems are reliable, maintainable, and upgradable to provide unparalleled reliability for your campaign.


RoviSys systems control the forming processes that shape glass. Controlling the fusion draw process to produce glass to the thinness and exacting quality requirements requires an expertly designed, implemented and commissioned system. Highly skilled teams follow the project out to the field through commissioning and start up support.

Environmental Control

RoviSys understands that to manufacture a precision product there are no detail can be overlooked. This includes the environment around your process. RoviSys designs custom environmental control systems that range from controlling the elements immediately around your process to building wide controls that keep temperatures and pressures stable so the process control system does not have to battle external forces.

Product Handling

As melting and forming processes increase their ability to produce glass at higher flow rates, the handling equipment must be optimized the keep up with the pace. RoviSys optimizes programs to speed up cycle times without the need to increase speed motors and equipment beyond their optimal limits.

MES Solutions

RoviSys has developed custom LCD MES solutions and configured vendor packages to provide real time quality and defect information to the production staff. Our MES systems seamlessly interface with process control systems and client ERP systems to provide real time data to the plant floor and business groups.