Fiberglass Glass Services

RoviSys has experience with fiberglass glass manufacturers worldwide. Our unique solutions meet and exceed client needs and extend from the batch house through hot end and packaging.

RoviSys has developed furnace control systems for regenerative, recuperative, and Gas/Oxy fired processes. Our modular approach allows for easy modifications as the process varies. Our advanced control strategies include model predictive control, forehearths, and bushing temperatures. Our controls systems can communicate with an existing HMI system or with a new HMI system that meets broader needs.

A Total Solution

A RoviSys control system provides a total fiberglass manufacturing solution from the plant floor to the business system. From basic process control to advanced strategies, backup systems, energy management, and MES, our systems provide state-of-the-art, reliable solutions.


Managing raw materials and delivering mixed batch to the furnace consistently and confidently is critical to fiberglass production. RoviSys control systems provide seamless integration between the furnace and batch delivery insuring precise batch composition and profiles every time. Read more about our Batch House services.


RoviSys provides control systems for regenerative and gas/oxy fired furnaces. We participate in upfront energy audits and provide real time control system feedback to provide the most efficient use of energy. Using advanced control strategies, RoviSys incorporates critical variables to provide for optimum control. Our furnace temperature control and energy control strategies provide tools to control the process during day to day operation. Our systems are reliable, maintainable, and upgradable to provide unparalleled reliability for your campaign.


Binder control requires precise inventory management and precise delivery and weighing. RoviSys systems provide both, plus deviation detection and automatic correction capabilities. Our recipe management and information system provides material and lot tracking. Operators can create new recipes and update existing recipes quickly and monitor the final weight of each material.


RoviSys controls have been applied to gas and electric forehearths. We condition the glass to the requirements of your process. Typical controls include automatic heating and cooling control, set up tables, and temperature efficiency. We rely on our overall expertise and include your process needs to provide the best system for your facility.


Rovisys Bushing Control Systems facilitate efficiently distributed binder through temperature control and straightforward recipe creation and modification. Advanced control schemes achieve optimum bushing temperature and improve bushing ramp/soak cycles. Create, save, recall and execute bushing recipes and track materials using our information management solutions. Our systems provide efficient binder distribution and minimize breaks to maximize efficiency and provide breakout detection and monitoring.