Float Glass Services

A RoviSys control system provides a total float glass solution. Since 1989, RoviSys has expertly implemented projects specifically for the Glass industry that have focused on providing state-of-the-art, reliable solutions. Clients rely on us to provide basic process control, advanced strategies, product changes and energy management.

RoviSys has expertise in controlling the float glass process from batch charging through the melter, tin bath, and lehr. As an independent provider of process control solutions, we design, implement, and install integrated solutions that provide effective control and minimize process upset, energy use and product waste.

A Total Solution

Our Float Glass control systems handle all aspects of the float glass process.


Managing raw materials and delivering mixed batch to the furnace consistently and confidently is critical to float glass production. RoviSys control systems provide seamless integration between the furnace and batch delivery insuring precise batch/cullet composition and profiles every time. Read more about our Batch House services.


RoviSys provides control systems for regenerative and gas/oxy fired furnaces. We participate in upfront energy audits and provide real time control system feedback to provide the most efficient use of energy. Using advanced control strategies, RoviSys incorporates critical variables to provide for optimum control. Our furnace temperature and energy control strategies provide operations with the tools to control the process during day to day operation. Our systems are reliable, maintainable, and upgradable to provide unparalleled reliability for your campaign.

Tin Bath

Furnace controls provide a consistent product to the tin bath where the ribbon can be established easily, and product changes happen effortlessly. RoviSys solutions control the tweel, attenuators, temperature zones and atmosphere. Our systems interface to the bath power controllers to provide accurate and efficient temperature control and power usage. Precise control of exit temperature provides a consistent product to the lehr.


RoviSys lehr controls consist of temperature zone control, lehr speed, heating and cooling crossover control, and setup tables. Our control system works with all of the leading lehr manufacturers.

Drives System

The RoviSys team offers complete design and implementation of your drives system. A separate vendor isn’t necessary. We work with the drives hardware vendor and deliver a complete package where the drives and hot end controls work together.


The float process relies on plant utilities. Hot well, cold well and cooling tower control is crucial to operations. Other utilities such as N2/H2, power and load shedding, and compressed air are critical as well. RoviSys automates the entire system to provide seamless integration and operation.