Get more out of OSIsoft and PI System with RoviSys

Got OSIsoft's PI System? You've got unexplored PI-tential.

Such as? High potential capability gains. Performance improvements. Cost savings. And more—almost all achievable with just modest incremental cost. Specifically, you can use PI System to implement:

  • Conditioned-based maintenance
  • Asset utilization monitoring
  • Electronic batch records
  • Exception-based reporting
  • Process analytic technology
  • Product tracking and genealogy
  • Business-to-plant integration

In fact, once you collect your data in PI, you can create and deliver plant information to any manufacturing or business system. To meet any objective.

Who can get your PI projects jumpstarted?

We can. We’re the 600 manufacturing and development engineers of The RoviSys Company, one of the largest independent manufacturing automation solutions providers in North America.

We’ve completed more than 3,000 projects for clients in chemicals, food and beverage, life sciences, glass, metals, oil and gas, pulp and paper and power generation.

We’ve been using OSIsoft products to engineer manufacturing control and information solutions for clients for years. We’re an OSIsoft Gold Partner. We have proven PI expertise.

You get PI plus with RoviSys

You could say we’ve got PI-bilities. But whatever you call it, we know how to get your OSIsoft system-based projects started, moving forward and done right. Putting our perspective on your team enables you to find ways to:

  • Increase throughput
  • Improve quality
  • Boost utilization of equipment and resources
  • Gain a better understanding of your process
  • Integrate OSIsoft systems with your existing plant and business systems

Ready to discover the full potential of PI?

RoviSys is an OSIsoft Gold Level System Integration and Consulting Partner. Few integration companies have achieved this standard. RoviSys was one of the first. With a significant number of trained and experienced engineers as well as OSIsoft Certified Installers on staff, RoviSys has the necessary expertise to make your PI project a real success.

RoviSys has developed expertise in delivering solutions based on a variety of OSIsoft technologies for companies in the life sciences, power, chemical and consumer products markets. Real solutions that help client solve problems and gain capabilities.

RoviSys OSIsoft experience

  • Server and server applications
  • PI Batch
  • Advanced Computing Engine (ACE)
  • ActiveView
  • MCN Health Monitor
  • ProcessBook
  • AlarmView
  • Module Database
  • ProcessTemplates
  • Performance equations
  • RtReports