Designing and deploying successful, sustainable MES and MOM solutions isn't new to RoviSys. Managing the challenges of combining various technologies, 3rd party tie-ins, existing processes, and people is what we have been doing since 1989. Our experience allows us to connect systems in complex environments and deliver real-time visibility into information that drives business value.

Our customers have legacy MES systems, stand-alone databases, Excel and Access databases, or all of the above, and are motivated by proven methodology and added business value. As an independent integrator, RoviSys is uniquely qualified to deliver MES/MOM solutions that seamlessly link enterprise business systems with production process systems and empower decision makers at every level.

Integration Opportunities

  • Integrate MES with Business Systems and Enterprise Management (ERP)
  • Integrate MES with Process Management (Controls & Instruments)
  • Integrate Systems and People
    • Laboratory Information Management Systems - LIMS
    • Warehouse Management Systems - WMS
    • Maintenance Management Systems - MMS
    • Document Management Systems