Data Collection

MES Starts With Data

Manufacturing today involves tremendous amounts of data and is driven by a constant quest for greater quality, increased efficiency, and improved performance. Data is the true foundation of any Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and systematically collecting it gives today’s manufacturers power over processes that maximize potential and enable smart manufacturing environments.

RoviSys works with clients to provide MES solutions built on reliable, digital data. We recognize the importance of a foundation that enables real-time collection and storage, facilitates searches, and ensures accuracy. Whether your goal is to solve process problems, feed enterprise systems, or simply replace manual efforts, data collection is the place to begin.

Empower Decision Makers

  • Centralize process and machine data
  • Eliminate disparate silos of information
  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Eliminate manual efforts and errors
  • Make more information available in real time

Gather Comprehensive Information

  • Continuous process data
  • High-fidelity historical data
  • Discrete event data
  • Operator actions
  • Alarms & Events
  • Quality and Test Data
  • Equipment runtime and rates
  • Work order details
  • Inventories
  • Equipment and Material metadata
  • Inspection data

Connect Every Element

  • IIoT - Devices
  • Big Data
  • Historians
  • Control Systems and SCADA
  • Relational Databases
  • Interface to other systems
  • Gather Data Directly From Assets
    • Machines and Process Equipment
    • Environmental and HVAC
    • Security (fire, cameras)
    • Energy Monitoring
    • Mobile Devices