Layerless manufacturing execution functionality

You know the challenges: more product types, faster cycle times, smaller inventory buffers, increased customer expectations, less tolerance for errors and heightened competition. More than ever, you need to manage rapid change and reduce costs at the same time.

Today, the most promising way to meet these challenges is to increase coordination between your enterprise and production systems and staff. How? By the timely sharing of accurate and useful information.

Specifically, you might be interested in one or more of the following capabilities, all of which can be achieved through layerless manufacturing integration:

  • Electronic batch records
  • Genealogy and tracking
  • Maintenance planning
  • Asset management
  • Production scheduling
  • Production status
  • Standard cost performance
  • Personnel tracking
  • Material and energy management
  • Quality assurance management

MES functionality delivered with existing platforms:

  • ERP systems including SAP®, Oracle®, JDE, PeopleSoft® and MFG/Pro
  • Plant control systems including DeltaV™, Rockwell, Siemens and GE
  • Batch Software including GE iBatch™, Rockwell Automation RSBizWare™ Batch, and DeltaV™
  • Information management software including OSIsoft® PI System™, GE Fanuc Proficy™, AspenTech aspenONE®, and Wonderware® IAS

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