RoviSys provides marine automation and information solutions for commercial vessels worldwide. We understand the unique challenges of Great Lakes, Sea-Going, and Military Sealift Command industries. RoviSys delivers proven solutions that cover the electrical power, control, monitoring, and information systems life-cycle. Our focus on safe, reliable and flexible integration and application services combined with vendor independence makes partnering with RoviSys a clear choice.

RoviSys Marine Solutions:

  • Proven project management & collaborative approach
  • Dedicated experts capable of creating solutions for demanding applications
  • Extensive knowledge of modern and legacy systems
  • A commitment to providing independent solutions
  • Monitoring and control to increase energy efficiency
  • Dissimilar systems integration
  • Tailored Solutions for:
    • Propulsion Automation
    • Propulsion Control Design
    • Automation Systems Design
    • Power Systems
    • Supervisory Systems
    • Systems Operation Training

RoviSys Offers:

  • Great Lakes Commercial, Sea-going Commercial, & Military Sealift Command experience
  • Large staff capable of complex projects
  • Safety-driven solutions
  • Turnkey solutions
    • Extend asset life
    • Improved availability
    • Improve operational performance
    • Increase efficiency
    • Provide predictive & preventative maintenance
    • Reduce fault sources
    • Enable informed decision-making