Iron and Steel Production

RoviSys provides automation services to the Iron Producing, Steel Producing, and Finishing areas of a mill. With more than two decades of metals industry automation experience, we understand equipment, environment, hazards, and schedule challenges. Our size, breadth and depth give you a reliable automation partner for new installations, upgrades and legacy migrations.

During upgrades and control system migrations RoviSys ensures that all aspects of processes, including your unique and specialized procedures, are captured and incorporated so that system commissioning is seamless. We work with you to determine those processes that can be efficiently automated. In addition, we have worked with OEMs to develop and implement repeatable system designs and control strategies.

We are more than a Level 1 controls integrator. Our experience with Level 2 and Level 3 systems started with VMS based systems and includes the latest Historians and Business Systems. RoviSys is your single source solution for metals production, from the process through management reports.

Coke Oven
  • Process Control - Combustion control systems and material handling systems
  • Historical Systems - Emissions monitoring, efficiency monitoring, fuel consumption, and material inputs
Blast furnace
  • Process Control - Injectant control, stove control, scrubber controls, temperature monitoring, heat flux, cooling controls, flare gas minimization, stove efficiency, and charging control
Electric Arc Furnace
  • Power control and monitoring systems, material handling, flow control, cooling systems
Basic Oxygen Furnace
  • Gas flow control, lance positioning, vessel tilt, precipitator, baghouse, cooling tower, and off gas analyzer
Ladle Metallurgical Furnace
  • Vacuum degassing, alloy addition handling and powder injection
Continuous Caster
  • Mold level, mold width, spray water, tundish control, and ladle control