Powerhouse and Utilities

RoviSys provides powerhouse automation services including controls for steam turbo blowers, integration of multi-fuel boilers, and steam power generation with attached turbines. We understand the challenges of low-BTU, multi-fuel boilers including fluxuating fuel availability and fuel switching.

Rovisys has strong experience and technical expertise in Industrial Energy.

Mills often have separate water treatment plants for the different facilities within the mill and a central water treatment plant. RoviSys performs analysis of the existing systems and provides a plan for a unified control system with centralized monitoring, control and reporting. We provide state of the art control systems to include or replace aging systems and different vendor’s control and monitoring systems.

Flare Gas Reduction
  • Reprogramming of the existing control systems
  • Boiler and stove optimization
    • Maximize the use of BFG
    • Minimize the use of natural gas
High Voltage
  • Power monitoring data into SCADA
  • Load Management Systems
    • Auto Bus Transfer
    • Anti-Paralleling
    • Protective Relaying
    • Load Shedding
    • Load Tap Changer Control
    • Synchronization to Grid
    • Import/Export Control
    • Interfacing with Turbine Controls
  • Multi-fuel Boilers
  • Turbine Generation
  • Turbo Blowers
  • Steam Production
  • NFPA 85 Compliance
Water Handling and Treatment
  • Centralized control, monitoring, and reporting
  • Efficient water intake and outfall
  • Reagent optimization
  • pH level control and maintenance
  • Efficient water heating and cooling