Upstream Solutions

The ever increasing demand for additional oil and gas resources means our clients need to increase recovery from new and existing fields. RoviSys delivers industry-leading automation solutions that maximize upstream production for the oil and gas industry. Our cost-effective, reliable solutions include automation programming, operator interfaces, information integration, electrical and instrumentation, remote communications, and management.

RoviSys Upstream Solutions:

  • Cost effective solutions for a declining field
  • Integrated remote Control & Monitoring
  • Intelligent HMI for timely decision making
  • Legacy Migration
  • Hazardous Environment Design
  • Integrated Asset Protection
  • Safety systems
  • Advanced process controls
  • Remote communications design, implementation


  • Drill Site remote monitoring & control
  • Artificial Lift & Waterflood
  • Oil/Gas/Water Separation
  • Produced Water Treatment & Disposal
  • Gas Storage
  • Gas & Liquids Treating
  • Gas Compression & Dehydration
  • NGL Production
  • Transmission & Interconnecting Pipelines
  • Product Storage
  • Product Loading