Siemens industrial automation case histories

RoviSys is an audited and certified Siemens Solutions Partner in multiple automation disciplines, including process controls, MES and pharmaceuticals. We have been integrating, supporting and migrating Siemens and predecessor systems since the mid-1990s.

As a Siemens Solution Partner, we have expanded knowledge of Siemens products as well as access to coordinated project planning with Siemens experts. We continually train our engineers on Siemens control hardware and software and use the latest Siemens design and configuration tools.

Model-predictive control integration

RoviSys engineered the integration of a Siemens PLC with a model-predictive control system on an HP Alpha running OpenVMS. Requirements included porting most of the conventional control strategy from the Alpha to a Siemens S7 PLC using Step-7 configuration software, developing an Ethernet™ interface between the systems and re-writing the Alpha applications to interface as supervisory control to the Siemens PLC. Upon completion, the system was deployed to sites worldwide.

Nutritional products control automation Asia

A large nutritional products manufacturer selected RoviSys to design and implement the control system for a new plant in Singapore. For this large batch project, we engineered a modular approach for regulatory controls using Siemens’ concepts of data blocks, function blocks and a library file.

For common functions such as analog input, analog output, discrete input and PID control, we developed a generic programmatic building block set consistent with the ANSI/ISA S.88.01-1995 standard for control modules. The configuration consists of fundamental logic derived to provide specific control functions grouped into container function blocks. At the container function block level, only parameters required for instance configuration such as descriptions, engineering ranges, limits and so on are exposed.

For each control module instance, a data block stores specific configuration information. A library file of locked components stores tested and validated source code to ensure consistent application of available control modules.

To build this complicated control scheme, instances of the control modules were applied and configured as required to achieve the desired control results. The overall testing effort was significantly reduced because basic functions did not need re-testing. The development of a library of reusable functional components reduced upfront engineering time and effort.

Campus boiler plant controls upgrade to PCS7

Eastern Kentucky University staff were concerned limitations in existing boiler and steam controls were contributing to poor overall plant efficiency. An independent study confirmed plant efficiency was about 45 percent. RoviSys was contracted to upgrade controls to Siemens PCS7 and make related improvements.

The university’s central plant building provides steam heat to a majority of the campus from two 40Klb/hour stoker-fed traveling grate boilers, one 60 Klb/hour stoker-fed traveling grate boiler and one Nebraska gas-fired package boiler. Single loop and programmable logic controllers modulated and protected boilers and ancillary equipment. Several distributed small package boilers augment the campus steam supply.

In addition to increasing overall plant efficiency, project goals included improving draft control, combustion air quality, response to load changes and common boiler feedpump sequencing plus increasing the coal heating season (and using less natural gas), using VFDs on FD/OFA fans to minimize energy use and implementing stoker upgrades including VFDs.

Project scope included new transmitters, equipment drives and the plant control system using PCS7. The new system was designed to improve the combustion process and plant safety while minimizing maintenance costs. From information provided by the architectural engineering firm, onsite observations and past combustion control experience, RoviSys designed, implemented and commissioned new combustion controls for all four boilers and the feedwater, fly-ash removal system and baghouse systems.

In addition, a BACnet interface from the plant to the university’s Johnson MetaSys building automation system was designed in collaboration with Johnson Controls engineers to pass performance and efficiency data so staff could see real-time heating load balance.

Project challenges included an aggressive schedule, antiquated equipment and unpredictable local weather. However, all four boilers were operational and tuned by mid-December in time for the heating season. After running for several weeks, the university reported overall plant efficiency of approximately 85 percent.

RoviSys Siemens experience

  • Batch control
  • Building systems SCADA integration
  • Industrial energy
  • Legacy migration
  • Metals
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Process control

Additional Siemens automation experience

  • Glass batch house and furnace controls
  • Controls for stoker coal boilers at a public university
  • A pilot plant for a minerals mining and marketing company
  • Natural gas storage controls
  • Glass coating controls in Asia
  • Drug capsule production controls

Siemens control and visualization experience

  • SIMATIC S7 modular controllers
  • SIMATIC Step 7 PLC programming software
  • SIMATIC PCS 7 control system

Siemens Solutions Partner areas

  • Automation System SIMATIC including S7
  • Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Manufacturing Execution System SIMATIC IT

Siemens industrial automation certifications

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7 specialist