Wonderware® case histories

RoviSys project experience using the Wonderware® System Platform includes everything from InTouch® systems with a few hundred tags to mission critical 24/7 campus solutions with more than 25,000 tags hosted on multiple redundant providers and engines.

Foam board extrusion line legacy migration

RoviSys designed and implemented a legacy migration solution for a foam board manufacturer with an aging extrusion line with 260 I/O points. The new ControlLogix® and redundant Wonderware® InTouch® system replaced an obsolete Eurotherm EM1 and pushbutton controlled system for which there was little or no electrical scheme documentation.

RoviSys remastered the old corporate HMI standard and developed a system easily deployable to other sites and processes. RoviSys worked closely with the electrical installation contractor during the demolition and installation of the new system to manage cutover per a detailed plan and avoid unplanned downtime.

We also implemented a Wonderware® IndustrialSQL process historian to collect and analyze production information.

Power utility DCS HMI replacement with Wonderware®

RoviSys replaced a legacy DCS Operator HMI system with the Wonderware® Archestra IAS platform for a power utility plant with five coal-fired electrical generation units. Migration was completed in phases: duplicating existing graphics, creating additional new graphics and performing operator training as the new Archestra system was integrated.

The project required migrating more than 300 architecture graphics, trend displays, faceplate displays and alarm summary graphics. It also included operator and engineering training on the new Archestra system and a new Wonderware® Historian server to provide data archival services for the plant. The project was completed in four months.

Graphic standards were designed in the initial phase. Onsite reviews with plant operations and engineering were conducted using Unit #1 graphics. Operators could control Unit #1 with either the new ArchestrA system or the legacy HMI system. Based on these graphics standards, RoviSys engineers completed the conversion of graphics for Unit #2 through #4, quickly obsoleting the legacy HMI.

Steel manufacturing InTouch® systems

RoviSys engineers designed and modified a variety of Wonderware® InTouch® systems at a large Midwestern steel manufacturing plant. InTouch® was used in several plant powerhouses and provided control and data acquisition interfaces for a variety of steam boilers, turbo-blowers and electrical generation systems.

IndustrialSQL Server®

RoviSys engineers designed and commissioned an IndustrialSQL historian system at a large Pennsylvania power utility plant with no previous data historian. We integrated the new IndustrialSQL system into a new Archestra system being added simultaneously to the plant. Historian training was performed by our engineering team for plant operators, engineers and management staff.

Powerhouse Bailey™ and pneumatic controls migration

A powerhouse boiler at a steel mill used seven outdated ABB Bailey™ Single Loop Controllers to control combustion. Two boilers were controlled with an obsolete Hagan pneumatic based system.

With parts becoming obsolete, the customer contracted RoviSys to upgrade to a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix® PLC control system with Wonderware® InTouch® operator stations. Scope included the boiler master, blast furnace gas flow control, natural gas flow control, 78” blast furnace gas flow control, forced draft fan control, induced draft fan control and feedwater flow control.

We provided design, implementation, testing and commissioning of the logic necessary to control all loops and functions. We configured new Wonderware® operator stations to interact with the new control systems.

Steel mill powerhouse ABB migration

A Midwestern steel mill was using ABB Bailey™ Infi90 distributed control and Single Loop Controllers for powerhouse boiler combustion, burner management, turbo blower, pressure reducing valve and plant master control while a 25-megawatt turbine/generator was managed with an ABB/Bailey™ TB5 condenser control system. Mill management elected to replace all the Bailey™ systems as they were no longer supported.

RoviSys provided engineering services to migrate these operations to Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix® platform and develop new or interface to existing Invensys Wonderware® InTouch® operator graphics.

We provided design, implementation, testing and commissioning of the logic necessary to control all loops and functions. We either configured new Wonderware® operator stations or modified and interfaced to existing static Wonderware® graphics to support dynamic interaction with the new control systems.

RoviSys Wonderware® System Integrator product certifications

Wonderware® maintains strong ongoing relationships with certified integrators to ensure that they have in-depth knowledge on upcoming product releases, support updates and more. RoviSys is Wonderware® certified in:

  • ActiveFactory
  • Industrial Application Server
  • IndustrialSQL Server®
  • InTouch®

Wonderware® integration expertise

  • Batch Control Systems
  • Continuous process control
  • Instrumentation
  • Manufacturing Systems