Wonderware® Certified Systems Integrator

The RoviSys Company has been implementing INVENSYS Wonderware solutions since its predecessor InTouch® platform became popular in the early 1990’s. Today, we are a Wonderware Certified System Integrator with experience in batch control, continuous process control, instrumentation, SCADA, legacy migration and additional manufacturing applications.

To earn Wonderware certified system integrator status, RoviSys passed a rigorous test demonstrating our know-how in integrating enterprise and manufacturing systems in complex and multi-level projects.

RoviSys Wonderware integration and migration capabilities

RoviSys has engineered Wonderware solutions in chemical, life sciences, glass, food, metals, power, wastewater and more.

In addition to engineering Wonderware projects and upgrading existing Wonderware systems using the latest INVENSYS technology, we migrate legacy HMI to the Wonderware System Platform.

Whether you are looking for configuration, implementation or support services for Wonderware graphics, scripts, programming or other areas, our professionals can help you achieve the results you seek.

Wonderware InTouch HMI

What the industry knows as Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) began in 1987 with InTouch, the first HMI to run on Microsoft® Windows. Today, InTouch provides graphic visualization through standards-driven systems.

RoviSys provides guidance on selecting InTouch technologies, solutions design and in supporting, integrating and updating your Wonderware HMI solution.

Wonderware® System Platform for SCADA, HMI, MES, MIT

Widely used, the Wonderware® System Platform provides a scalable software platform for SCADA, HMI, MES and enterprise manufacturing intelligence. It uses a common plant model as a logical representation of the physical processes being controlled and supervised.

Wonderware® System Platform features include:

  • Standardized development and run-time operations environment
  • Integration of all operations data, regardless of the source
  • Scalable from 250 to more than 1 million I/O connections regardless of location
  • Remote software deployment and maintenance
  • Extensible and easily maintained template-based and object-oriented structures
  • Powerful role-based security model
  • Historical data collection and advanced trending
  • Web reporting capabilities

Wonderware® case histories

RoviSys has implemented Wonderware® solutions in steel, plastics, power utility, legacy migration and other applications. Read the full Wonderware® case histories here.

RoviSys Wonderware® System Integrator product certifications

Wonderware® maintains strong ongoing relationships with certified integrators to ensure that they have in-depth knowledge on upcoming product releases, support updates and more. RoviSys is Wonderware® certified in:

  • ActiveFactory
  • Industrial Application Server
  • IndustrialSQL Server®
  • InTouch®

Wonderware® integration expertise

  • Batch Control Systems
  • Continuous process control
  • Instrumentation
  • Manufacturing Systems