Interface ControlLogix and your control system OPC server with RoviSys ControlLogix Universal Gateway

RoviSys ControlLogix Universal Gateway (CU-Gate) enables you to establish a real time bi-directional interface between Allen Bradley ControlLogix® processors and any other control system with an OPC server. CU-Gate supports exchange of process data and supervisory control information between two separate systems.

With CU-Gate, you have a straightforward and efficient means of migrating to new systems and allowing existing older systems communicate with new ones. It efficiently integrates with any OPC server and does not have any capability limitations.

CU-Gate interfaces tags from your OPC server directly and securely to ControlLogix over the backplane, eliminating the need for a ControlLogix OPC server or bridge.

Discover the possibilities

Because it is an open solution without arbitrary tag or capability limits, with CU-Gate you have practically no limits on what and how you can connect systems and devices to ControlLogix processors. You can create ControlLogix interfaces with distributed control systems, PLCs and single loop controllers.

Secure and low maintenance

CU-Gate can host your OPC server with an in-chassis Windows PC and communicates directly and securely across the ControlLogix backplane. This eliminates the need to manage desktop OPC servers and Ethernet connections from OPC servers to ControlLogix PACs.

Possible migrations to ControlLogix from legacy control systems using CU-Gate include the systems listed here. You can also use CU-Gate to interface to any other system with a native or third party OPC server including field devices, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus and building systems for high availability HVAC data centers, campuses and more.

  • ABB Bailey INFI 90™, NETWORK 90 and Command Series
  • Aspen Technology IP21 database
  • Emerson DeltaV™
  • Emerson PROVOX™
  • Foxboro IA®
  • GE Intellution iFix database
  • GE Fanuc PLC
  • Honeywell TDC3000
  • Honeywell Experion®
  • Intellution iFIX database
  • Johnson Controls N1 Data Access Server (MetaSys/M5 Workstations)
  • Modicon PLC
  • OSI PI database
  • Siemens APACS and PCS7, S7
  • Subnet Solutions SSNET OPC server (DNP Master/Slave)

CU-Gate Universal ControlLogix Gateway enables efficient real-time bi-directional interface between Allen Bradley ControlLogix processors and any OPC server. Additional benefits include:

  • No connection issues or capabilities limitations
  • Transparent to the operator
  • No Ethernet connection to manage from OPC server to ControlLogix when the OPC server is installed on the SAM
  • Enables phased migration or permanent control interface
  • Can have your OPC server on the CU-Gate SAM or an external Windows Server Computer
  • Capable and scalable with no hard tag limits
  • You purchase and install the Windows OPC server that works best for your control platform
  • Flexible data handling
  • Flexible and easy configuration
  • Secure communication on ControlLogix bus
  • Battery-backed memory keeps configuration after power down

The RoviSys CU-Gate Universal ControlLogix Gateway features include:

  • Open system
  • Low noise
  • Low maintenance
  • Direct factory floor operation along with other ControlLogix modules
  • Can have OPC server on SAM or an external Windows Server
  • Map any number of tags without arbitrary limits
  • Tag mapping allows definition of multiple groups with varying update times and data directions
  • Comprehensive tag mapping includes item names, description and data source
  • Supports any OPC server that runs on Windows XP
  • Convert raw or discrete values using scaling conversion tables
  • Supports serial and Ethernet data exchange with external control system interface
  • Configure using a remote PC with an Ethernet 10/100T port
  • Stores configuration on flash memory accessed like standard hard drive
  • Backup and restore function easily supported
  • Configuration can be easily copied to a backup drive


  • Online Development 56SAM-800 Special Application Module (SAM) for Allen Bradley ControlLogix
  • RoviSys cTagMaster software, which maps ControlLogix tags with OPC server tags

Online Development Special Application Module (SAM) in-rack PC for Allen Bradley ControlLogix

  • Runs Windows XP
  • High-speed ControlLogix backplane interface single-slot PAC module
  • Two 100Mbps Ethernet® ports
  • Two high-speed USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  • COM 1 isolated serial RS232/RS422/RS485 VGA
  • 1920 by 1440 32bpp VGA display capability
  • Fanless operation
  • Operating temperature range of 0⁰ to 60⁰ C operating, and -40⁰ to 80⁰ C non-operating
  • Power ratings 5 VDC- 7 – watts maximum power consumption
  • Compact Flash type I or II with DMA

RoviSys cTagMaster software

  • Enables mapping ControlLogix tags with OPC server tags
  • Reads and writes updates between mapped tags enabling efficient bi-directional communication.
  • Supports version 1, 2 and 3 compliant DA OPC servers
  • Mapped tag counts of 5,000 values with reasonable group update times can be expected. No arbitrary limit to the number of tags that can be mapped together
  • Performance depends on the capabilities of the OPC server. Easily manage larger tag counts with multiple CU-Gates.

Production version of cTagMaster software to install on CU-Gate SAM module. Download your copy of cTagMaster now!

OPC Information and Training

Need more information on OPC or training? Visit this independent download site for our OPC products.

Configuration, integration and migration services

You can purchase hardware and software components and then install and configure CU-Gate yourself. Or you can ask us to provide any level of configuration and integration services and support including complete engineering and implementation of your CU-Gate.

RoviSys is one of the largest independent manufacturing automation systems integrators in North America with nearly 300 professionals in full engineering, support and sales offices in three US locations and Singapore. Services include manufacturing control, information integration, industrial energy management, building automation and legacy migration for life sciences, food, chemical, glass, power, oil and gas and other process industries.

We've engineered hundreds of control system interfaces and legacy migrations since 1989. We developed CU-Gate for and use it in dual control system and migration projects in a variety of industries.

For more information and demonstrations

For more information on CU-Gate and RoviSys control system interface integration services, including online demonstrations, contact Joel Spafford, director of software products, at 330.995.8210 or or visit