RoviSys provides several tools that are unique to automation. Our roots in product development and the obvious gaps in tool-sets offered by systems vendors are a perfect scenario for customers. Whether you’re looking to interface modern software to your DCS or maximize return on investment, our products fit right in.

ABB Bailey OPC Server - Enables data exchange between all compatible OPC clients and ABB Bailey™ Command Series, NET90, INFI90™, INFI90™ Open and Harmony systems.

OPC UA for OpenVMS - Connects effortlessly with OPC UA interface on any operating system, from field instrumentation to Level 1 systems to higher level systems like MES or ERP.

BridgeMaster - maximum connectivity OPC bridge that is flexible, reliable and works when other OPC interface software doesn't.

CU-Gate - Establish a real time bi-directional interface between Allen Bradley ControlLogix® processors and any other control system with an OPC server.

Fenevision - Manufacturing execution system for custom fabrications.

GrandView - Projects management application used and developed by RoviSys

Roving - Office hoteling application to maximize resource efficiency.