BridgeMaster: A powerful OPC bridge

BridgeMaster OPC bridging software enables a range of easy-to-achieve new possibilities that increase your productive capabilities and save you time and money.

With BridgeMaster, you get an OPC bridge between OPC servers that is flexible, reliable and works when other OPC interface software doesn't. You get maximum OPC connectivity: real-time bi-directional data flow and supervisory control between two or more unlike control systems.

You can easily install, setup and use BridgeMaster yourself. If your systems and their OPC servers are already on a common network, install BridgeMaster on a Windows PC and begin configuring.

The technologies used in BridgeMaster represent a culmination of years of experience developing OPC client and server solutions. Prior to bringing BridgeMaster to market, we tested it vigorously to ensure it will perform well beyond your expectations.

Here are some additional reasons for choosing BridgeMaster as an OPC gateway:

Bridgemaster is easy to install, setup and use with features like configuration auto detect and bulk add. BridgeMaster’s configuration dialog allows easy configuration of the OPC server and node by browsing and selecting an existing OPC server and node.

Bridgemaster is fast. Several schemes in the software optimize performance.

Bridgemaster works. We built it right and test it extensively. Built-in flexibility enables it to adapt to subtle differences in OPC server implementations.

Bridgemaster is reliable. Server redundancy is supported and flexible to your needs. See features or call for details for your application.

Bridgemaster fits your needs and budget. Two license levels, Unlimited and Lite, mean you only pay for the capability you need.

Bridgemaster is supported. It comes with excellent documentation and lifetime responsive technical support.

Prove it yourself. You can download Bridgemaster and try it before you decide to buy it. The demo version is fully functional and runs in two-hour resettable periods.

The RoviSys Advantage

The RoviSys Company develops OPC interfaces that work; that enable you to overcome obstacles and achieve objectives in your production facility. We know the challenges: we’ve been creating process automation and manufacturing information solutions for companies around the world since 1989.

We don’t just develop OPC interfaces; we put our name on them and use them to deliver results for clients.

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You’ll find we understand not just the details of how to make OPC work in your application, but also your overall control and information needs and how to achieve them. We have more than 250 professionals in four locations doing this every day.

Need support for your OPC application? Stuck trying to implement an OPC server? Have a question related to control and information system? Ask us. We don’t just support our products, we support you.

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Data import

Bridgemaster now provides the capability to import easily configurations from other OPC Bridging software such as Kepware LinkMaster, Emerson’s OPC Mirror, Matrikon’s Data Manager, Iconic’s DataWorkX32 as well as from Honeywell Experion® (PKS) OPC Integrator.


Provides capability to auto-detect the CSV (or TSV) file formats from the above vendors and directly import into BridgeMaster.

Data conversion

Updated support for additional scaling methods such as Linear, Square root, Gain/Offset, BCD-8, BCD-16, OPC Quality to Value, OPC Timestamp to Value and Array Element conversions.

Range limit clamping

Value clamping to the output range or to a specific user-defined range and set the limit bits if value is clamped.

Expanded support for discrete scaling

Now includes Long to Long, Long to String and String to Long conversions.

Expanded automatic data conversion support

Now includes all ARRAY types including VT_I8, VT_UI8, VT_I4, VT_UI4, VT_I2, VT_UI2, VT_I1, VT_UI1,VT_R8, VT_R4, Boolean (VT_BOOL), currency (VT_CY), strings (VT_BSTR), dates (VT_DATE) and VT_VARIANT.

iFIX BridgeMaster integration

Provides a solution for replacing OPC Power Tool.

Validate connector

Added a validate method to verify all connectors, groups, tag maps, OPC Items and all data conversion tables.

Limit bits

Bridgemaster now has the ability to display the limit bits for each tag value in the tag view.

Bridgemaster is easy to configure, flexible to meet your needs, and has the power to perform. See the list below for a summary of key features.

Ease of Use

  • Simple configuration with 'Drag & Drop' for quickly mapping of tags between servers.
  • Configuration dialog allows easy configuration of the OPC server and node by browsing and selecting an existing OPC server and node for any local or remote server.
  • Simple Tag Map definition dialog allows individual mapping of an 'A' side OPC server tag to a 'B' side OPC server tag. Tag Map definition includes defining attributes such as OPC Item names, description and data source. Optionally, scaling conversion using conversion tables can be defined to convert raw or discrete values from one system to the other.
  • Easily Import/Export BridgeMaster Tag Map configurations to CSV files, which can be created and/or edited with Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Access or any text editor.
  • Supports automatic data conversion with all data types, including arrays of any type (VT_ARRAY), currency (VT_CY), strings (VT_BSTR) and dates (VT_DATE)
  • Runtime ability to add or delete tag maps, change item names, and/or change group update rates, Item Dead Bands, Keep Alive rates, etc.
  • Runtime tag monitoring ability to view and change (read/write) data values in either OPC server from main client window.
  • Error and informational messages displayed in the main window in runtime along with the optional user-configurable specification of maintaining this data in daily log files.
  • Provides shortcuts for pinging servers, starting DCOM configuration utility and external OPC client.


  • User-selectable one-way or bidirectional data flow on a group-by-group basis.
  • Allows selection of writes and reads to be made synchronously (polled) or asynchronously (on data change) on a group-by-group basis as well as selection of whether to transfer VQT or 'Value-Only' (when using V3.x OPC servers).
  • User-requested OPC version is selectable on a group-by-group basis, defaulting to "Use Best Available Interface.” Each group provides feedback as to what OPC version is actually being used with the server.
  • Can run as a Windows service for standalone and dedicated data transfer ability (without a user logged in). BridgeMaster control panel application can start and stop the service.
  • Dual redundancy scheme supports redundant OPC server connections implementing user-selectable fail-over mechanisms. It also implements Keep Alive mechanism for redundancy and supports new server status: OPC_STATUS_COMM_FAULT used for redundancy failover.


  • Supports up to 100 system-to-system connectors and unlimited tag maps.
  • Supports and implements OPC DA V3.x improved functionality.
  • Has Bulk Add Items for fast startup configuration.
  • Optimizes data throughput via Bulk Tag Writes (VQT or 'Value-Only') during runtime.
  • Allows runtime view of OPC server status and performance statistics.

BridgeMaster comes in two versions, Unlimited Bridgemaster and Lite Bridgemaster. The only difference is the total number of mapped tags supported. The table below summarizes features of Bridgemaster and sizing of each version.

Bridgemaster specifications and requirements
OPC Data Access V3.0, OPC Data Access V2.x and OPC Data Access V1.a compliant for both COM and DCOM.
Supports and implements OPC DA V3.x improved functionality such as the ability to transfer VQT (Value, Quality and Timestamp) on a group-by-group basis for all tags within a group.
Supports all PC based Windows operating systems from XP and beyond.
Minimal hardware requires are a 1.0Ghz processor, 512MByte of RAM, 2 GByte of free disk space
Is written in UNICODE for support of UNICODE text such as Kanji and other languages
Unlimited License Lite License
100 system to system connectors 100 system to system connectors
Unlimited tag maps Map up to 250 tags

BridgeMaster has two modes of operation: "Configure Mode" and "Runtime Mode.” In Configure mode a user can configure settings, connectors (bridge between two OPC servers) and create links (or tag mappings) within those connectors. In runtime mode, the interface uses the currently loaded configuration to communicate with the external OPC Server(s).

BridgeMaster’s capability to connect dissimilar systems is virtually unlimited. As long as an OPC server exists for each system, BridgeMaster can provide a bi-directional data and supervisory control linkage between those systems. Use BridgeMaster to easily link together the following environments:

  • ABB Bailey INFI 90™, NETWORK 90, and Command Series
  • Rockwell RSLinx and Allen Bradley™ PLC
  • Aspen Technology IP21 database
  • Emerson DeltaV™
  • Emerson PROVOX™
  • Foxboro IA®
  • GE Intellution iFix database
  • GE Fanuc PLC
  • Honeywell TDC3000
  • Honeywell Experion®
  • Intelllution iFIX database
  • Johnson Controls N1 Data Access Server (MetaSys/M5 Workstations)
  • Modicon PLC
  • OSI PI database
  • Siemens APACS and PCS7, S7
  • Subnet Solutions SSNET OPC Server (DNP Master/Slave)
  • Any other system with a native or third party OPC server
  • Not sure if Bridgemaster will work with your system? Contact Joel Spafford at 330.995.8210.

The demo version of Bridgemaster is fully functional, which means you can create up to 100 system-to-system connections with unlimited tag maps. The demo has a resettable two-hour timer.

  (50 MB executable file, click SAVE at file download)

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