ABB Bailey INFI 90™ and NETWORK 90 DCS upgrade to Emerson DeltaV™

RoviSys and Emerson Process Management have developed a tightly integrated interface between the DeltaV™ and Bailey INFI 90™ and NETWORK 90 DCS that will promote future plant upgrades to DeltaV™. The interface is called the DeltaV™ Connect Bailey™ (DVC-BLY.) This allows for easy and extremely user intuitive replacement of Bailey™ operator consoles that may have Y2K issues with NT based DeltaV™ consoles. Features of the DVC-BLY include:

  • Facilitates use of DeltaV™ hardware and software on future plant upgrades
  • Use standard DeltaV™ configuration tools
  • Replaces Bailey™ OIU, MCS, OIS and PCView operator consoles
  • Interfaces to Bailey™ Command Series, Network 90 and Infi 90™ systems
  • Access all standard Bailey™ exception report types
  • Allows general tuning of any Bailey™ block specification including PID constants
  • System health monitoring
  • General block output polling

Bailey™ Communication Interfaces Supported

The DVC-BLY has been designed to support many generations of Bailey™ communication interfaces. Migrating successful driver code and techniques implemented in another RoviSys product called N90DDE I/O Server, the DVC-BLY provides support for the following Bailey™ interfaces:

BaileyDevice Points Exception Reports Control
NSPM01 500 No No
IMSPM01 500 No No
IMCPM02 500 No No
IMCPM03 500 Yes Yes
NCIC01 500 Yes Yes
NCIU01 500 Yes Yes
NCIU02 2,500 Yes Yes
NCIU03 10,000 Yes Yes
NCIU04 10,000 Yes Yes
INPCI01 500 Yes Yes
INPCI02 5,000 Yes Yes
INICI01 10,000 Yes Yes
INICI03 30,000 Yes Yes
INICI12 10,000 Yes Yes

The DVC-BLY runs in the NT workstation environment and uses standard PC COM ports to gain access to the above mentioned Bailey™ devices. Redundancy can be utilized if multiple Bailey™ devices are available. DVC-BLY does not require any configuration change to the Bailey™ system.

System Topology

The diagram to the right gives an overview of the DeltaV™ replacement console topology.

Replacement costs are lower than purchasing new Y2K compliant Bailey™ console hardware and software. Additional savings can be realized when replacing Bailey™ 5000 tag OIU, MCS or OIS by re-using the CIU already built into these console types.

RoviSys Legacy Integration Services

RoviSys is a full service systems integration company so we can be of assistance in a Bailey™ console replacement project. Using in-house tools and methodologies we can cost effectively translate the Bailey™ console tag database into the necessary DVC-BLY configuration. Having both Bailey™ and Emerson Process Management expertise, generation of new or duplication of existing operator graphics is easily accomplished. RoviSys has also developed a set of DeltaV™ console faceplates that take full advantage of the features of the DVC-BLY blocks. Generation of the various operator graphics include linkage to these faceplates for pop-up control.

Bailey™ to DeltaV™ Upgrade System Configuration

The DVC-BLY executes on a NT Workstation running as a DeltaV™ Application Station and responds as a DeltaV™ controller. It executes DeltaV™ function blocks which aids in promoting and enforcing DeltaV™ concepts and methodologies. Standard DeltaV™ configuration utilizing Process Explorer and Control Studio are used to setup the DVC-BLY and monitor its operation. Likewise, the standard DeltaV™ Graphics Studio is used to configure and display operator graphics. A new set of DeltaV™ function blocks have been developed which are used to configure the DVC-BLY data exchange requirements. These blocks are designed to be extremely intuitive to Bailey™ users and provide a one for one association to existing Bailey™ exception reported function blocks. In many instances additional features have been added to the DVC-BLY blocks to augment deficiencies with the corresponding Bailey™ block. One example is in the area of alarming. The standard Bailey™ analog block provides for single level alarms. The corresponding DVC-BLY block enhances the Bailey™ analog block data with two level alarming that is still determined from the alarm levels set within the Bailey™ configuration. Features such as this extend the basic Bailey™ data to match methodologies associated with DeltaV™ without requiring any changes to the existing Bailey™ setup. The DVC-BLY supports the following Bailey™ block associations:

DVC-BLY Block Bailey™ Block
AIL Analog Output / Loop
AOL (F.C.s 30, 70, 158)
AOL Analog Input / Loop
AIL (F.C.s 26, 121)
BLK Any block specification reading and tuning
DANG Data Acquisition Analog
DAANG (F.C. 177)
DD Device Driver
DD (F.C. 123)
DIL Digital Output / Loop
DOL (F.C. 45)
DOL Digital Input / Loop
DIL (F.C.s 42, 122)
IDB Interface Definition And Operational Statistics
STAT Any Bailey™ Module
MSDD Multi-State Device Driver
MSDD (F.C. 129)
POUT Any block output
RCM Remote Control Memory
RCM (F.C. 62)
RMC Remote Motor Control
RMC (F.C. 136)
RMSC Remote Manual Set Constant
RMSC (F.C. 68)
STN Station (PID Control loop)
STN (F.C.s 21, 22, 23, 80)
TXT Text (F.C. 156)

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