DDE Server for ABB Bailey INFI 90 and NETWORK 90 interface

Most current HMI and third party analysis programs connect to control systems via OPC. But if you need a DDE server to interface your ABB Bailey DCS, the RoviSys N90DDE Server is the product for you. It has been thoroughly tested and proven in dozens of process applications. It supports all Network 90® and Infi90® exception report types as well as Bailey Command Series.

  • Server price is $3,800.00 USD plus shipping and any applicable taxes, tariffs paid by buyer. A Lite version that supports 250 DDE tags is also available for $1500.00 USD.
  • Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Call for pricing on our cost-effective service that translates a Bailey MCS/OIS/PCView database to a format suitable for populating the Wonderware InTouch database
  • Developed by designer of Bailey CIU devices and 1/4 of the Bailey function blocks
  • Updates and corrections are fast and easy using our in-house Bailey system
  • All Bailey serially connected computer interface devices are supported
  • Supports NETWORK 90, INFI 90 and Command Series
  • Bailey Plant loop and Infinet time synchronization
  • All Bailey exception report blocks supported
  • Analog and digital output capability (values composed by DDE Client)
  • Sequence of Events capture file generation via Bailey SOE function block and recorder
  • Bailey configuration reading and general tuning of any function block
  • Runtime version of the CRT (Configuration Reading Tuning) InTouch application
  • PID loop tuning with automatic fast update of control output and process variable required by loop tuning software clients.
  • Exchanges data with any DDE client application (Excel, Word, Access, etc)
  • Excellent documentation

Several great new enhancements have been added to the N90DDE Server for ABB Bailey

We've kept the server up to date, adding functionality that can be transported from newer developments:

  • Multiple active topics per Bailey device
  • Point specifications like zero, span, alarm limits, etc
  • Engineering units
  • Digital values as logic state descriptors like "pump off", "pump on"
  • The addition of many new item subscripts
  • Even faster Bailey interface startup

Download the N90DDE Server Version 9.7 (Self-extracting zip 22MB, click SAVE at file download)

Download Documentation