DDE Server to interface ABB Bailey™ DCS to OSIsoft PI® Historian

Integrate OSIsoft PIsytem into your ABB-Bailey Network 90 ® or Infi90 ® dsitributed control system:

  • Server price is $3,800.00 USD plus shipping and any applicable taxes, tariffs paid by buyer.
  • A Lite version that supports 250 DDE tags is also available for $1500.00 USD.
  • Runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP and 2003 (Intel platforms)
  • Updates and corrections are fast and easy using our in-house PI server
  • Interfaces with PI 2 and PI 3 Historians
  • Supports PI snapshot reading and writing
  • Supports PI archive reading
  • Includes PI Browser InTouch® application allowing general purpose browsing of PI database
  • Includes Excel Browser spreadsheet which allows general purpose browsing of PI database
  • Exchanges data with any DDE client application (Excel, Word, Access, etc)
  • Excellent documentation

Download the PIDDE Server (version 1.5) demo software (Self-extracting zip 18.7MB, click SAVE at file download)

Download Documentation