OPC90 Server for ABB Bailey INFI 90™ and Network 90: The easy to use, works like it should, Bailey™ interface

OPC90 Server enables data exchange between all compatible OPC clients and ABB Bailey™ Command Series, NET90, INFI90™, INFI90™ Open and Harmony systems. Created by Bailey™ legacy systems engineers and proven in use, OPC90 gives you outstanding benefits

  • OPC90 is easy to install, configure and use
  • Features are consistent with ABB Bailey™ systems
  • Delivers the full range of PID control
  • Enables you to monitor the performance of PCU nodes with OPC90's unique PCUMON block
  • It works. We support it. We guarantee it.

OPC90 Server supports all exception report blocks, supervisory control of blocks, system status monitoring including problem report collection and general block output polling along with general purpose block configuration reading and tuning.

OPC90 for ABB Bailey™ saves you money

  • You don't need and don't have to buy Bailey™ SemAPI
  • Exclusive MUXCIU block enables sharing Bailey™ CIUs with Composer, DBDOC and other programs
  • Turbo polling significantly reduces message load on PCUs while increasing read block output throughput
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Download the demo below!
  • Interfaces to Bailey™ Command Series, Network 90, Infi90, Harmony and Infi 90™ Open systems supporting communication with all CIU models.
  • Unlike other available OPC servers you can pick a license level that fits your needs and budget. Four licenses are available:
    Lite 250 blocks 2 clients,
    LitePlus 500 blocks 3 clients,
    Standard 5000 blocks 4 clients,
    Unlimited supports all available CIU block indices and unlimited clients.
  • Compatible with all popular 3rd party MMI packages thus supporting replacement of Bailey™ OIU, MCS, OIS and PCView operator consoles.
  • Use of the semAPI environment is not required.
  • Automatic database shadowing for installations using redundant OPC90 servers.
  • Save money by using the exclusive OPC90 MUXCIU block to allow a single Bailey™ interface to be safely shared between OPC90 and multiple Composer and CADEWS programming stations.
  • Supports all PC based Windows operating systems from XP and beyond.
  • We can help you easily translate a Bailey™ MCS/OIS/PCView tag database to the OPC90 server format.
  • Supports ABB Bailey™ Bridge Controller models BRC100, BRC200, BRC300, BRC400 all exception report blocks plus tuning and configuration of any block.
  • Hardware (USB dongle) or software licensing (you pick the one that is right for you).
  • Supports redundant interfaces or communication channels.
  • Read and write access to all standard Bailey™ exception report types.
  • Supports general configuration and tuning of any Bailey™ block specification including PID constants with automatic fast update of control output and process variable required by loop tuning software clients.
  • Turbo polling feature significantly reduces message load on PCUs while vastly increasing read block output throughput. The result is better performance and support for a larger number of POLL blocks, STN block fast update and MUXCIU block throughput output polling. Monitor performance of PCU nodes with our unique PCUMON block. No other available server in the industry supports this capability.
  • System health monitoring includes both module status and module problem reports.
  • General block output polling.
  • System simulation makes client validation easy and convenient.
  • Reading and writing of real time data values from within the OPC90 Server program window.
  • Automatic support of different types of ABB Bailey™ interfaces.
  • Automatic database recovery after an ABB Bailey™ interface reset.
  • Simultaneous communication with multiple ABB Bailey™ interfaces.
  • ABB Bailey™ system time synchronization.
  • Automatic blocking of illegal operator requests.
  • Online tag additions and modifications.
  • Alarm limit reading and writing as OPC tags.
  • Can run as a service.
Interface Max Number of Bailey™ Blocks Exception Reporting Control Operation
NSPM01 500 No No
IMSPM01 500 No No
IMCPM02 500 No No
IMCPM03 500 Yes Yes
NCIC01 500 Yes Yes
500 Yes Yes
NCIU02 (LSM01/BTM01/LIM03) 2,500 Yes Yes
NCIU03 (LSM02/BTM01/LIM03) 5,000 Yes Yes
10,000 Yes Yes
500 Yes Yes
5,000 Yes Yes
5,000 Yes Yes
10,000 Yes Yes
10,000 Yes Yes
10,000 Yes Yes
30,000 Yes Yes
30,000 Yes Yes
30,000 Yes Yes

Four OPC90 licenses are available:
Lite 250 blocks, 2 clients
LitePlus 500 blocks, 3 clients
Standard 5000 blocks, 4 clients
Unlimited supports all of the above listed CIU block indices and unlimited clients.

1 Call RoviSys (or email opc@rovisys.com) for information about this device.

OPC90 Server is easily configured using its Explorer-like program window. No configuration changes are required within the ABB Bailey™ system. Devices are added which represent each ABB Bailey™ interface. Under each device point groups can be configured which provide data organization. Under each group, blocks are configured representing corresponding blocks within the ABB Bailey™ controller logic. These blocks contain the ABB Bailey™ address (ring, node, module, block) defining where the data is being sourced. This information is used by the OPC90 Server driver to efficiently establish the point values within the ABB Bailey™ interface and exchange the requested information.

The configuration information can be exported to a CSV file format for bulk editing and then re-imported. For large tag counts, the complete OPC90 Server database can be configured within a CSV file using a program such as Microsoft® Excel or Access and then imported using the OPC90 Server import function. The format of the CSV file is simple and easily understood being fully documented within the OPC90 Server manual and help system. OPC90 Server supports the following Bailey™ block associations:

OPC90 Block ABB Bailey™ Block Function Code
AIL Analog Output / Loop AOL 30, 70, 158, 177
AOL Analog Input / Loop AIL 26, 121
BLK General purpose block configuration and tuning ALL
DAANG Data Acquisition Analog 177
DADIG Data Acquisition Digital 211
DATA General OPC Client Data Sharing  
DD Device Driver 123
DIL Digital Output / Loop DOL 45
DOL Digital Input / Loop DIL 42, 122
DEVICE Interface Definition and operational statistics  
HAI Harmony Analog Input 222
HAO Harmony Analog Output 223
HDI Harmony Digital Input 224
HDO Harmony Digital Output 225
MODSTAT Any Bailey™ module  
MUXCIU Allows OPC90 to safely share its CIU with DBDOC/WinCAD/Composer ALL
MSDD Multi-state Device Driver 129
NISMON Provides detailed communication loop and node diagnostic information along with loop topology. Monitors and logs potential problems. Any Node
ODD Allows client to emulate operation of a
device driver block (DD)
OMSDD Allows client to emulate operation of a
multi-state device driver block (MSDD)
ORCM Allows client to emulate operation of a
remote control memory block (RCM)
ORMC Allows client to emulate operation of a
remote motor control block RMC
ORMSC Allows client to emulate operation of a
Remote Manual Set Constant block RMSC
OSTN Allows client to emulate operation of a
control station block STN
(21, 22, 23, 80)
PCUMON Monitor performance statistics
for any PCU node
POLL Poll any block output  
RCM Remote Control Memory 62
RMC Remote Motor Control 136
RMSC Remote Manual Set Constant 68
SOE Sequence of Events 99, 243
SPEC Predefined block specification reading and tuning ALL
STN Station (PID Control loop) 21, 22, 23, 80
TXT Text 151

OPC90 Server can be used to save substantial CIU hardware costs with its MUXCIU block. This block allows OPC90 to safely share its CIU with *DBDOC, WinCAD, or Composer software. It can be used with any software that does not need to establish points in the CIU database.

The MUXCIU block makes any free COM port on the PC running OPC90 respond as if it's the actual CIU that OPC90 is communicating with. It supports COM port expansion cards and virtual COM port software. Setup is easy. Configure a MUXCIU block for each PC COM port you want to respond as a CIU. Attach the PC running DBDOC, WinCAD or Composer software to that port with a NULL modem serial cable.

The MUXCIU block has recently been enhanced to allow virtual connections with software products that have been updated to use the OPC90VPort API interface. This eliminates the need to hook up a serial cable or configure virtual serial ports. G.Michaels has updated their DBDOC product to use this API.

If your OPC client software does not already have OPC90 running, execute it manually or set it up to run as a service with the "Startup In Runtime" option enabled. Setup is complete and you have saved a ton of money by sharing existing CIU hardware!

* The GMCL company takes advantage of this great standard feature of OPC90 with their DBDOC software system. DBDOC allows safe view only real time access of ABB Bailey™ logic values by any plant personnel. RoviSys invites you to check out DBDOC at the GMCL website www.gmcl.com.

The OPC90 Server demo is fully functional; it uses all blocks and talks to any Bailey™ device. The demo runs in two-hour resettable increments. It does not recognize hardware or software licensing and therefore cannot be used to upgrade existing purchased software installations. Purchasing our annual OPC90 Server Maintenance includes easy updating to the most current release.

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Version 8.5 Build 4
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