Industrial Network Risk Assessment Studies

Most manufacturing managers underestimate or are unaware of the internal and external threats to their industrial networks. Networks evolve, equipment and software change, faulty internal security policies provide unauthorized access to employees, vendors have remote access, and BYOD allows employees to connect their devices to the network. A recent eWeek report noted that a test of 100 SCADA systems found 95 were alarmingly vulnerable.

How can you protect your operations?

What’s on your network? Who has access? What’s connected? How good are your defenses? Is it safe from malware threats and hackers? What about internal threats from mistakes, falling for social engineering schemes and purposeful acts by disaffected employees? Poor security practices that lead to exploits of vulnerabilities?

You can get answers to these questions with an industrial network risk assessment study – the first step in protecting your industrial network.

Risk Assessment Study

Asset ID

Identify assets, attributes, and relative values

Threat identification

Evaluate the greatest threat agents both internal and external and create a threat tree

Vulnerability appraisal

Develop a current security snapshot without performing testing

Risk assessment

Identify what could be damaged in an attack and what are the implications; look at business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Risk mitigation

What to do about and how to control risks; determine what level of risk acceptance is acceptable

Security Policies

Based on the study findings, we develop security policies that balance the appropriate ratio of ‘acceptable risk’ to productivity for your organization

RoviSys offers a full range of assessment services:

Network mapping and asset inventory

Review of your baseline documents and topologies, conduct qualitative and quantitative and produce a comprehensive network map.

Configuration detection

A current configuration of your network and assets is provided, which is essential for improving security and provides rollback to a working state.

Performance testing

Overall health of your network is checked including measuring bandwidth, connection speed, network equipment testing, traffic, and latency.

Vulnerability assessment

We scan for thousands of industrial network vulnerabilities and threats such as from portable and employee-owned devices on the network.

Penetration and security testing

Penetration testing services are highly customizable and range from aiding in producing a network map to stress testing.


Forensics provides valuable insights for preventative measures on intact networks and our services range from device virus detection to Steganography detection.

Security gap analysis

The analysis demonstrates where you are versus where you should be and is customized from the assessment results and your company’s needs.

Regulatory Compliance
Organizations must adhere to certain federal regulations, such as SOX and HIPAA. Other specialized industries have specific compliance regulations that result in severe fines if not followed. We analyze your network policies and procedures to ensure your organization is compliant with all applicable regulations and NIST best practices.
Comprehensive industrial network security assessment

RoviSys provides comprehensive assessment services for industrial networks, from network mapping and asset inventories to vulnerability, penetration and performance testing. We analyze your security gaps and show how you are, or are not, in compliance with relevant standards and regulations for your business.

Your industrial network will be threatened. The RoviSys industrial network security team will help you be prepared.