Industrial Network Design

If you manage industrial networks, you want reliable, scalable and secure connectivity that delivers the performance your processes and people need. You want it to work and keep on working.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, you rarely get to start from scratch. You likely must accommodate existing hardware, wiring, asset configurations and supporting systems. You have to protect current plant control systems and operations and not create new vulnerabilities. And you might need to satisfy government compliance, corporate and customer standards.

You might discover additional challenges. Mixing or expanding networks can result in poor performance. Control systems can be impacted by a change in network structure. The cause can be difficult to identify or you might miss the symptoms and see only that there is now some production or information issue.

Get your network strategy right

The RoviSys industrial network team can help you avoid the pitfalls and get your plant connectivity right. We know networks, control systems (including those legacy systems still vital to your operations) and how to make these all work in harmony.

We work with you to identify the goals, priorities and issues for the networks supporting your operations. If you’ve completed a network security assessment, we use this to create a network architecture plan based on best practices that meets your organization’s needs. If you lack this or a network map or current configuration information, we can prepare these for you.

We can help you determine if and how wireless Ethernet™ is appropriate for your facility, how to integrate legacy networks into modern Ethernet™ and where to deploy redundancy.

Rational industrial network design and migration planning

We create logical and physical topologies. Using this and other verified information, we created network designs to maximize performance and protection and anticipate growth and technology advances.

We typically consider a range of factors: infrastructure components; network protocols; IPv4/v6 transition; compliance standards; and best practices for SCADA, process controls and industrial control systems network security against business systems. We combine these with your goals for flexibility, fewer issues, better performance and security that let’s you sleep at night.

After the design phase is complete, we can develop and thoroughly document a comprehensive network implementation and migration plan.

Industrial Network Design Services

  • Industrial network performance improvements
  • Industrial network reliability improvements
  • Network hardware and software recommendations, installation and configuration
  • Industrial Ethernet™ and wireless design and security
  • Process control network design and security
  • IPv6 considerations and recommendations
  • Industrial network compliance models

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