Industrial Network Security Services

Manufacturing networks used to be secure. Manufacturing equipment and networks used to be proprietary and isolated. Today, plants are networked and internal and external threats can penetrate network defenses and exploit unaddressed vulnerabilities.

Industrial network breaches are unwelcome, costly and dangerous. Production can be disrupted, equipment remotely manipulated by attackers, reactor sequences altered, chemicals and waste released, and individuals injured or killed.

Sometimes the greatest risks to industrial network security involve unwilling and unknowing employees and contractors who compromise the network because of unaddressed vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized access.

We know networks and manufacturing

Our goal in providing industrial network security services is to help you balance network security with the amount of risk you are comfortable accepting and maintain optimal-level operations. The RoviSys industrial network team delivers the expertise and right network security solutions for your operations.

We offer a holistic approach to security. In addition to dealing with network security, we evaluate physical, personnel, operation, and communications security.

We follow appropriate standards, best practices, and ensure regulatory compliance (when applicable) using the McCumber Model, NIST 800 series standards, and ISO 27000 series standards.

We’re a multi-discipline industrial automation solutions provider with unique knowledge of industrial networks. Our extensive expertise in both process controls and industrial networks gives us a unique ability to bring IT and process teams together to create the best solution.

When you want reliable and secure industrial networks – with implementation that protects uptime – RoviSys gets you there.