Industrial network security design

Once you understand the vulnerabilities in your plant network, the next step is to have us engineer customized industrial network security solutions to protect it.

One size does not fit all

Our industrial networking recommendations are based on your specific needs such as your vulnerabilities, control systems, supporting applications, network configuration and connections, uptime requirements and budget constraints.

We begin with updating your policies and procedures because, without good policies, your network remains vulnerable. We analyze password practices, physical access, admin rights and more and make recommendations based on NIST best practices.

With our plans, you have flexibility with implementation: implement recommendations internally, have us work with your staff or we can provide a turnkey industrial security solution. Ultimately, our goal is to secure your network without impacting your production.

Controls and networks expertise

We know control systems and industrial networks. We can help close vulnerabilities in your industrial Ethernet and industrial wireless systems and secure your process control, SCADA or other manufacturing control systems.

We advise on patching strategies: It is one thing when a Windows upgrade disables word processing, but quite another when it shuts down a reactor or boiler. We can also advise on—and implement where appropriate—redundancies in your plant networks, just as we do for our clients’ vital control systems.

The case for standards compliance

Why reinvent the wheel? Industrial security standards represent best practices. An industrial network in compliance with security standards is an effective and cost-effective approach to hardening your network, even if not required by regulation, customers or corporate.

Security Solutions include recommendations and implementation for:

  • Closing off vulnerabilities and threats, BYOD policies
  • Installing equipment, software, procedures, barriers, DMZs, honeypots and more =
  • Authentication, encryption, proxies/firewalls, intrusion detection, router, switch and VPN security
  • Industrial Ethernet, industrial wireless
  • SCADA and modern and legacy process controls security
  • Ongoing monitoring to maintain security that has been installed
  • Compliance models

Industrial network security design

  • Industrial Ethernet security
  • Industrial wireless security
  • Process control network security
  • SCADA security
  • RFID security
  • Compliance models and security policy

Right Sized Solutions

Our goal is to engineer the appropriate industrial network security program for each customer. Not too much, not too little.s