Advanced Process Services sample service levels

The RoviSys Advanced Process Services group provides manufacturers with control, efficiency and reporting capabilities beyond those available in typical control modernization projects. These services help you realize greater value from your investment in control automation.

RoviSys can work with you to determine the best approach for addressing advanced services, based on your needs, budget and expected return on investment. A breakout of sample services is listed below.

Stepped and rational approach to process evaluation and improvement

These sample scenarios offer a stepped approach to performance approach. The focus in Step 1 is evaluation and justification. In Step 2, the emphasis is on improvements typically available with modest investments of time and money. Step 3 includes activities with more substantial gains usually only possible with higher investment.

The right approach for your operations may vary from these scenarios. To discuss the right performance improvement services for your operations, please call John Cunningham, director of performance engineering, at 330.995.8124.

Step 1
Process improvement audit

An audit consists of a site visit by a RoviSys applications engineer. The engineer will meet with your plant personnel to determine and review your areas of concern. Areas to consider:

  • Energy consumption and recovery
  • Process capacity utilization
  • Process control system audit and review
  • Control loop performance
  • Review of quality problems and issues
  • Review of downtime
  • Yield and scrap review
  • Technology review including instrumentation, control systems, data acquisition and data usage

Step 2
Maintenance and tuneups

Minor process improvements require low capital investment. They can be implemented with minor impact to the plant and process. These include:

  • Loop tuning
  • Control Strategy Modifications
  • Recommendation for repair or replacement of instrumentation
  • Recommendation for additional instrumentation, monitoring with existing systems

Step 3
Process improvements

Process improvements address areas where significant gains can be obtained, but the capital cost or expense could be significant:

  • Implementing advanced controls
  • Assistance moving from offline and post-production quality analysis to online or inline quality analysis
  • Optimization studies and implementation
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • MES/ERP connectivity and usage
  • Scheduling improvements
  • Applying LEAN principles