Advanced Process Services for performance improvement

Service levels

RoviSys performance engineers can work with you to determine the best approach for achieving advanced capabilities based on your needs, budget and target ROI. Read our breakout of three sample advanced process service levels.

The RoviSys Advanced Process Services group provides control, efficiency and reporting enhancements for your process. These services help you realize greater value from your investment in control automation by:

  • Detecting process problems and issues
  • Identifying and implementing performance improvements
  • Managing and minimizing process upsets

Solutions can include tuning, predictive control, advanced control strategies, optimization, process analytical technology (PAT), MES and more. Who should consider these services? Anyone with responsibility for an operation:

  • That seems to be constantly in alarm
  • That cannot be run in auto
  • Where efficiencies are falling off
  • With random product quality issues
  • Where traditional control just won't seem to manage your process reliably or effectively

RoviSys Advanced Process Services

RoviSys is independent of any automation vendor. Our focus is on determining and delivering the solutions best for your process, not selling you any particular product or system.

Advanced Process Services offers assistance and expertise in the following areas:

Advanced Control

  • PID Loop tuning
  • Determining the advantage of advanced algorithms
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Off-the-shelf solutions including Brainwave and ControlSoft


  • Evaluation of the potential benefits for your process
  • Implementation of optimization software such as UltraMax


  • First principles modeling
  • Training simulation
  • Control system verification via simulation

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

  • Identify areas that will benefit from the PAT framework
  • Select, implement and maximize the value of multivariate data acquisition, analysis and control
  • Implement PAT solutions within your existing control and data systems

Issue audit and solutions recommendations

RoviSys Advanced Process Services can help you determine where your process will benefit from advanced control and information capabilities. Our focus is on finding readily available modifications that provide rapid return on investment.