Legacy control system extension, migration and replacement services

RoviSys provides legacy control system migration expertise and resources backed by a proven and flexible conversion methodology, all built on intimate knowledge of legacy and modern controls and years of migration experience.

Whether you are looking to extend the life of your current controls, replicate existing capabilities in a supportable system or add new capabilities, we can help you understand the possibilities and then plan and implement your desired outcome.

RoviSys could be your best resource for migrating your plant to modern controls. Why? Because we know and work with legacy and modern control systems. Because, when it comes to solutions, we put client needs and objectives, rather than a platform or approach, first. And we have the resources, attitude and systems to get projects done.

Legacy DCS migration methodology

Good planning minimizes migration risks while enabling you to capture opportunities to add capabilities. From our DCS migration and process automation project experience, we’ve developed a methodology that focuses on key factors for migration success. This includes detailed cutover planning to manage or even eliminate downtime. See the steps.

Legacy DCS and migration expertise

Read the case histories and you'll see: we’ve migrated many different legacy distributed control systems In addition, key members of RoviSys' staff lead the development, implementation and installation of some of the premier legacy distributed control systems. Systems we've migrated:

  • ABB-Bailey Network 90™ and Infi 90™
  • ABB MODcell
  • Fisher® PROVOX®
  • Foxboro IAS®
  • GE
  • Leeds & Northrup
  • Modicon
  • Moore® APACS
  • Rosemount RS3
  • Others

Experience in modern control platforms

We do significant work with modern control platforms from Emerson, GE, Rockwell, Siemens and other providers in a variety of industries and applications. See a list of technology platforms we've used.

Getting migration projects done

We’ve done more than 3,000 automation projects since 1989. Backing our experience and resources is a get-it-done project management culture aimed at completing projects, supported by tools that enable you to monitor status at any time.

Legacy DCS migration project services

  • Verification of current system
  • User requirements planning
  • Migration strategy and planning
  • Modern controls recommendations
  • Functional specification
  • Cutover planning for hot and cold switchovers and phased transitions
  • Training
  • Implementation and staging
  • Demolition, installation and commissioning
  • Documentation and support
  • Contractor management

Legacy DCS migration engineering services

Services include:

  • Network and control system architecture
  • Process controls
  • Console replacement and HMI configuration
  • Historians and manufacturing information integration

Systems and project flexibility

RoviSys was founded to provide alternatives to captive proprietary controls. We continue to promote supportable and expandable standards-based solutions. We give you choices like:

  • Your migration strategy
  • How your project proceeds
  • The technology or mix of technologies you select for your migration or other solution
  • How you support your systems

Why RoviSys for DCS migration projects

For many reasons—

  • Legacy DCS and migration experience
  • Modern control platform expertise
  • Legacy control system migration track record
  • Flexibility
  • Resources
  • We have developed and use many DCS migration tools
  • We know process operations, not just how to program.